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Nowadays, a lot of Android companies are dominating the gadget world. You have Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google, among others. But some people are ranting and raving on social and in the internet-esphere about how their phone batteries are draining so fast.

There are several reasons why this happens but don’t fret! There are ways on how to fix battery drainage or better still, avoid the problem of  fast battery discharging.


There are numerous free mobile applications which claim to save your battery life. In my case, I really don’t feel the need to use one since I’m a moderate user, but for heavy users, here is an example of a battery-saving app that could help extend your battery life:

Super Toolbox

Previously known as Super Task-Killer Free, this app purports to clean junk files and ‘residue’ on your phone. It also helps to stop re-launching mobile apps in the background. We all know that those background-running apps are the real causes of a fast draining battery. 

This will resolve overheating, sluggishness and low phone performance which will make your phone run faster and smoother.


Android settings - celltech blog


If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to install third-party apps in order to save battery life, there are other ways to do it.  Here’s how - just go to your Settings.



As obvious as this may sound, some people actually don’t turn off their mobile data which results in heavy consumption of battery life.

If you’re not waiting for any important online messages, it is best to just turn off your mobile data setting. Overuse of this results to overheating of your phone and this will affect your battery life as well. 

 screen brightness - celltech blog



The latest phones now have a feature called Auto Brightness. This adjusts your brightness to a certain level which is comfortable for your eyes in every location. High brightness consumes more power and may even lead to AMOLED bleeding for some Android phones.

 turn off bluetooth - celltech blog



Let’s face it, there are some features which are useful but when not used, can drain your battery and this includes Bluetooth. Don’t forget to turn it off after sending or receiving files.



Another helpful feature of the latest clever phones is the optimisation wherein it scans your phone for running background apps and junk files. This is the reason why I don’t feel the need to install a battery-saving app on my phone.


It is best to take good care of your battery to improve its life and performance. Don’t overcharge it or don’t let it totally drain. 

If ever you need help with battery related issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at celltechLabs.

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