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In this short post we will attempt to highlight the main differences between these two types of screen.
It's important to note that for the majority of iPhone screen repairs, the generic aftermarket variety commonly known as a 'copy' screen is used over the original refurbished iPhone screen.
Brand new original iPhone screens are simply not available on the open market. Current data suggests between 60-70%  of these replaced screen units are in fact copies, crucially the quality of these copies differ greatly. The following is a summary guide of what you need to look out for.


1. Brightness: 

Independent manufacturers utilise their own backlight layers and calibration technologies in their copy iPhone screens. The resulting LCD is often dimmer and less vibrant compared an original or genuine iPhone screen.

original vs copy iPhone screen brightness celltech blog


2. Touch Interaction:
The way Apple layer and bond the different elements of their LCD panels is not easy to replicate by independent manufacturers. Original screens have the touch layer bonded to the LCD panel, whereas independent manufacturers bond the touch layer to the glass panel. This, coupled with an inferior glass panel, means end users can often experience lagging or unintentional presses after a screen replacement. 


3. Resolution:
Apple exclusively source their Retina HD LCD panels from LG and Japan Display which have a specific resolution and colour gamut. Independent manufacturers struggle between cost vs quality resulting in their panels being of lower resolution and pixel density.

original vs copy iPhone screen resolution celltech blog


4. Ribbon Flex:
This is the bridge between the iPhone screen and the logic board. The flex has a series of tracks running through it which carry different lines of information about colour, touch inputs and backlight. The genuine flex's have the manufacturing codes printed in white along with a mini Apple logo (as seen below). The tracks on a copy flex are positioned differently and carry the codes of the independent assembly factory with the omission of the Apple logo.  


5. Price: 
Just as genuine Mercedes car parts direct from an authorised Mercedes dealership are assuring pricey. A genuine screen gives you peace of mind albeit at a cost premium. What makes the whole experience much worse is when you have low quality copy/ aftermarket screens, which are then fitted by inexperienced technicians - this double whammy is to be avoided like the plague (do the research - check the reviews).
However, higher quality copy screens fitted by qualified engineers give you similar reliability and performance metrics when compared to the Apple original screen.

iPhone screen cost original vs copy celltech blog


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