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So You Love Us And We Love You Back, Too

If you have been in store or celltech has been highly recommended by friends or family, seen our Google Reviews, or just stumbled upon us - you can now get a repair booked in with us in no time, no matter where you are in the UK.

This is why we offer our fast mail in expert repair service. We want to take you through the steps involved on how to a mail in a repair with us, so you know we are always looking out for you by providing an honest and professional repair experience


How to Mail In a Repair with celltech

On our website there are instructions on the mail in repair procedure. Here we will expand on the simple process a little more.

Firstly you find your phone model and the repair you are in need of on the repair tab of our website. You can always use the search bar at the top of the page too.

celltech repair website blog

Once you have selected the; 

  • make and model of your device (please contact us if it's not listed)
  • and repair fault 

we will be using an iPhone 7 screen replacement repair as an example, you will have three options to choose from for your repair service; 

  • in-store repair
  • mail in or
  • DIY repair(currently only available for iPhone screens)


iphone 7 repair mail in celltech blog

Mail in is the option you need for 'Repair Service'. Your repair can now be added to the cart and you can proceed to checkout.


checkout iphone 7 repair celltech website blog


Now you can fill out the checkout form including any discount codes you may wish to use.


payment procedure iphone 7 screen repair celltech website

Finish up with the 100% secure payment procedure and you should receive a confirmation email with your order number. It's as easy as that!


iphone 7 repair celltech website royal mail

You can then quickly buy and print your postage direct from the Royal Mail link provided on our mail in instructions page.

Ensure your device is well packaged for the journey as bumps and knocks are all too common and ensure Special Delivery is selected. If you have the original box it may be a good idea to send the phone in that with some extra protective bubble wrap around it for good measure. Please also confirm the return address just in case.


iphone 7 repair packaging celltech blog


Once We Receive Your Device

As soon as our friendly postie drops off your device to us we will email you to confirm that it has been received.

We will begin working on replacing your iPhone 7 screen pronto and have it re-packaged and posted back to you on the very same day! 


How We Return Your Device

We will email you the tracking number and inform you that your device is on its return journey.

We recommend Special Delivery to be the safest, quickest and most trusted method for sending and receiving valuable parcels, so that is how we ship your phone back to you.

Thanks to the quick turnaround you should have your iPhone fixed and back in your hands within 48 hours! iPhone screen repair magic in 48 hours - anywhere in the UK.


Got any questions regarding any repair? Please feel free to reach out to us by sending a quick quote request or enquiry. We would love to hear from you.