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How old is your iPhone?

A big cause of your phone battery draining so fast is its age. The longer it has been used the more charge and discharge cycles it has gone through and the more weakened the battery cells have become. All batteries have a finite life cycle and with time begin to drain faster, that is a natural occurrence in lithium-ion cells and a general expected failure date is set from the moment it's produced. Find out if cover you actually require an iPhone battery replacement.


Do you Charge your phone overnight?

charging iphone overnight celltech blog

Just like the human body, a happy battery is one that gets 100% of the food it requires and doesn't over eat. When a battery is left to charge and  it has reached its maximum charge capacity, extended exposure will slowly damage the cells inside the battery and cause them to become less efficient at holding their charge.

The Guardian recently posted an article touching on this topic. Check it out here.


Is Replacing Your Battery a Good Idea?

iPhone battery repair replacement celltech blog

If you can tick two or more of boxes then replacing your battery is highly recommended. If your iPhone is:

- Over 18 months old

- Charges very fast, and dying very fast

- Shuts down at 20-40%

- Shuts down after one selfie

Right now, if you are in need of a battery and screen replacement you can take advantage of our special 40% discount here.

At celltech we can expertly replace your old iPhone battery for a genuine, brand new Apple battery. To make it more convenient we also offer a UK wide mail-in iPhone battery replacement service, with a fast 48hr turnaround. Click here to learn more.


Do You Suffer From Battery Anxiety?

We all know the feeling well, starting to break a sweat at the sight of the yellow battery symbol and positively getting the jitters when the 10% battery notification appears.
Could it be that our mental state of balance, well-being and our stress levels are directly proportional to the phone battery percentile?

Believe it or not this is a modern medical condition more of us are suffering from. If alarm bells are sent ringing in your mind at 39% on your battery indicator. If your iPhone cable hunting mode activates at 19%. Or if you have no charger nearby, and you find yourself making deals with family members to do their chores for a week in exchange for theirs at 9% battery.

Then yes your battery anxiety is very real, and we suggest an extended moment in a darkened padded room or a nice holiday!