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Owing to the million and one uses a phone has nowadays, when your phone suffers damage and is unusable, it can cause quite a panic. Just imagine you're:

  • using your phone for work;
  • expecting a call back for a job;
  • being contacted by school as there's been an emergency;
  • suffering from an uncontrollable social media update craving.
  • stuck up an actual creek without a paddle type device;
  • about to give birth, and the car breaks down on the way to the hospital;

Phones hold your calendar information, your contacts, your pictures, your videos, your emails, your voice memo's, your shopping carts, your online banking, your social media, your to-do lists, a plethora of other (not often used) applications and much more. When after your phone takes a tumble and leaves you out in the cold (turkey) what do you do?

This article will guide you on what to do and where to go to get your iPhone 6 screen replaced and be back online.

We have broken up this post into the key aspects of device repairing that would concern you the most, in helping you decide which route to take.



cost iphone 6 screen replacement celltech blog

For an iPhone 6 screen replacement near you, the cost can vary from £30 to £132.44. The latter option is a repair direct from Apple themselves.  Apple products always hold a premium and so do their repair costs, just as it would be if you wanted a car fixed direct from the main dealer or manufacturer.

The third party option varies. Who wouldn't want a cheap iPhone screen repair but it's difficult to recommend an iPhone 6 screen repair that costs £30 because a compromise would have to be made somewhere to get the price that low, whether that be the screen quality or repair quality. Typically, a reliable third party repairer would charge around £45 for a good quality job.

Mail in options are priced very competitively also if not the same as in store repairs. The city of Birmingham, UK is is well served when it comes to iPhone screen repairs but remote villages and smaller towns generally do not have access to expert iPhone technicians. The advantage being you can get your iPhone screen replaced at a reputable repair centre even if you are not  local, hence 'iPhone 6 screen repair near me'. At celltech we cover the whole of the UK with our certified Apple iPhone screen repairs - so in as little as 48 hours you can have your iPhone repaired and returned to you, shiny and almost brand new again.

If your main priority is cost then a reputable third party repair centre is the way to go.



repair time iphone 6 screen replacement celltech blog

If you choose to go the Apple route it is advised to book a repair in advance. Apple stores are rather popular and there are only 38 stores in the UK so you are lucky if there is one nearby. Chances are they will be swarming with shoppers and others needing a repair. Apple's turnaround time can be anything from 1-24 hours to complete a repair.

Third party repair centres are usually the turnaround time champions. A good repairer could fix your iPhone screen and do it to a professional standard in between 30-60 minutes.

Mail in repairs take a hit on time as the process itself is mainly a waiting game. Most time is taken up by delivery and return of your iPhone. In the UK we are spoilt with fast courier services and Royal Mail's Special Delivery - guaranteeing next day before 9am and 1pm deliveries, even to far flung corners. A good repair centre should post your iPhone back to you the same day it arrives to them, providing it arrives early enough.

In some cases when your iPhone is broken beyond use and you just need it fixing and to be back online as soon as humanly possible, we would recommend your local reputable repair centre, search online for any reviews and customer feedback. Friends and family are always a trusted source of information and may recommend a good local option if you get really stuck.



The last factor when deciding your repair options is of course the quality of your replacement screen.

If you want the most authentic replacement screen then there is no doubt that going direct to the Apple Store is your best option. It will be a certified, genuine screen fitted by an Apple certified technician using Apple's certified repair procedure. You can't get any more Apple-esque than that.

quality iphone 6 screen replacement iphone celltech blog

The trouble is third party repair centres can be a mixed bag and definitely an unknown quantity, if you don't do your homework. Looking for a repair that offers a warranty is also a must for your peace of mind.

We will focus on good, established repairers with a verifiable reputation in this article, by which you should have two quality options. A genuine refurbished Apple screen (where the screen panel is genuine Apple and the top glass, or digitiser has been replaced) compared to a high quality aftermarket also known as a copy screen.

The refurbished screen may cost a little more but ensures accurate colour representation and brightness as it's genuine Apple replacement screen. The copy screen saves you money and should work just as well, however expect the colour or brightness to not be as vibrant as an original screen. Ask your repair shop about these options.

Mail in repairs from a good third party repair centre should give you the same options as above in terms of quality.



It's only when you lose your ethereal phone-human connection that you realise the overwhelming reliance on them. While repairing them is never ideal or an expense we want to incur, it is sometimes very necessary and urgent. Based on your own priorities you can now decide which repair options best suite you to get your iPhone screen replaced.

Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help in any way with your repair query.