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Low call sound? Low music? Getting nothing but frustration from your phone because you can't hear what someone is saying or is everyone frustrated with you because they think you've developed a very annoying prank calling habit?

Check below on all the common audio issues that can plague any iPhone and when we recommend a repair.


microphone repair iphone audio celltech blog


If you are shouting at the top of your voice and all you're getting back is "hello...hello..?", this is probably a faulty microphone or lots of fluff. Either the microphone by the front camera or the microphone on the charging port needs replacing. If you're a little unlucky it could be both.


loudspeaker repair iphone audio celltech blog


Crackling, low audio or simply no audio at all from videos and music on your iPhone means the loudspeaker module has taken a knock and needs to be swapped out for a new one to bring back the sound.


earpiece audio iphone repair celltech blog


Similarly, if you cannot for the life of you hear the other person during a call, the fault lies with the earpiece unit. If its very low it needs a good clean, otherwise it needs a replacement part altogether.


earphones headphone jack repair replacement audio celltech blog


If one side of your earphones have stopped working, but they both work on another phone you need to look into a headphone jack replacement. Sometimes everyday use or progressive water damage can cause the headphone jack to malfunction. This is a component is located on your charging port.


volume buttons repair iphone celltech blog audio

Volume Controls

If one or both of your volume buttons have stopped controlling the audio level on your iPhone then all hope is not lost. Due to wear and tear or a big heavy drop, the volume ribbon or the interface buttons can stop working. This volume flex replacement is a very intricate repair and issometimes attached to the power button assembly.


mainboard audio ic repair iphone celltech bog

Audio IC

Commonly failing on the iPhone 7 model. If the earpiece, loudspeaker and mic simultaneously give up the ghost, all indications are the main audio controller on the mainboard also known as the logic board has become dislodged or damaged. If your loudspeaker icon is greyed out during a call, then there's no doubt about it, you need a logic board audio IC repair.



Owning a car is great, but just like your phone it's not without its maintenance costs. Audio is a major component of any phone second only to the screen. We have listed an iPhone repair cost guide here to help you maintain your iPhone in tip top condition. No monthly insurance or road tax needed. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any repair enquiry, we would love to hear from you.