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The second nationwide UK lockdown marks the re-closure of all shops deemed as non-essential, including clothing, technology and electronics stores. Major retailers have closed their shutters until the restrictions ease enough to re-open. The attention has once again shifted to the online platform while the already struggling high street stores have become click-and-collect only. 

Unfortunately, in terms of phone users, these restrictions don’t halt the day to day mishaps that occur inside every household. Phones drop, slip or get thrown at the regular pace and repairs are still needed. So what are your options during the second lockdown?

The mobile repair shop has suffered the same fate as others. Resorting to repairs only within the click-and-collect model and having to cut out their revenue of selling chargers, cases, screen protectors and other accessories. It is still worth phoning or emailing your local repair shop as it is more than likely that email enquiries are being looked at and replied to. Repair shop click-and-collect translates to booking your repair online or over the phone, packaging and sending off your device in the post and having it posted back to you upon completion.

Major retailers like EE and Vodafone all offer a postal service for your damaged device. They advise dropping your well-packaged device off at a DPD Pickup Point - which is where you would pick it up again when it has been repaired.

  • EE:


  • Vodafone:


Some local shops also offer mail in repairs on their websites - it is always worth phoning up to confirm beforehand.

  • celltech mail-In Repair:


While it is not always the ideal way of getting repairs done - when a phone is vital for communication between family and friends during the restrictions it can be a lifeline to have repair shops still in operation.