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How do you take care of your iPhone? What do you do to maintain it in tip-top condition?

The main ‘threat’ to iPhone users and indeed all phone users is the dreaded cracked screen. Phones today are beautiful and sleek, ‘on trend’ as some people say but they can still be fragile - let's face it we all have those clumsy moments (which makes me think - can humans really multi-task?....anyway). Every single time you drop an iPhone, you pray that it hasn’t cracked, not even a tiny weeny bit. We probably all have that friend who has a severely cracked screen, and soldiers on regardless.


cracked iphone screen


If cracks appear on your iPhone, you can have it repaired for about £60 (model dependent) and if you don’t have Apple Care then you are left to the mercy of random McRepair shops (you know what im talking about) and kiosks at shopping centres where they can void the warranty of your phone and even worse replace the screen with a cheap knock off that doesn’t even make the grade.


Here are some tips on taking care of your phone, be it Android or iPhone, they are as follows:


iphone case - celltech blog



You gotta get yourself a durable phone case especially if you’re using an iPhone. There are different kinds of phone cases--plastic, metal, leather, silicon just to name a few. The best of the few is the silicon case because when it comes to falls, the material of the case allows the phone to absorb any shock and bounce, thus reducing the chance of it breaking due to the impact.


iphone screen protector - celltech blog



Also known as tempered glass, 9H or screen cover. This is a thin piece of rigid plastic that goes over your screen. It will definitely protect your screen from scratches as well as cracks - worth its weight in gold some might say. They are removable and don’t leave any traces of residue. Expect to pay anything between £5-10.  When it first came out to the market, they were plastic but now they’re made of glass.
If you ask nicely they may even fit it on for you in the store.


New onto the market are full glass UV cured liquid screen protectors - this is the next generation of screen protection. A layer of special UV light sensitive liquid is placed onto your screen and then a semi rigid screen protector is fitted. Like a sandwich, to cure the liquid UV light is shone onto the screen area. This process takes about 20 minutes to complete, expect to pay anything between £20-30 for this service.

 respect your accessories - celltech blog



Most times people only take care of their iPhone but forget about all the things that go with it. Your phone comes with a charging cable and a pair of headphones. It would be a pain if you couldn’t listen to your favorite podcasts or songs while walking home or if you can’t charge your iPhone because the lightning cable is not working. Handle them with immense care. Do not pull on them and keep them clean. They play a big role in your iPhone’s life.


anit bacterial spray and tissue - celltech blog



How often do we wash our hands? A lot, probably. How often do you clean your iPhone? Once? Twice a week? if at all! Well, all that neglect not only makes your device quite disgusting and a haven for bacteria to multiply, it can also contribute to issues with your iPhone.

To avoid this, get anti-bacterial wipes or a clean cloth, remove any case and wipe it down. There are various ports and holes on your iPhone, you’d be astonished to see what's in there - lint, pocket fluff, bits of biscuit (sorry that's just with my phone - I really like biscuits) stuck in them cavities. To remove such things, get something non-metallic like a toothpick and gently clean. 


Our phones travel everywhere with us, bathroom, bedroom, car, office - everywhere. They are a magnet for germs and bacteria to collect and fester.  It's important to have a cleaning routine, perhaps every other day.

With these facts, you can now take good care of your phone - you really have no excuse.