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All too often when that unforgiving back pocket is tasked with holding onto your iPhone and nature calls, you rush to the loo but before you can even start using the lavatory the iPhone has done a medal worthy triple back-flip dive in the toilet water bringing your life to a momentary halt.

I will discuss today about the solutions you can implement to recover your device should you find yourself in this unfortunate and more common than you would think circumstance.


How Big is This Boat?

Water damaged iPhones are more widespread than you may think. The culmination of all the washing machines, sinks and toilets we interact with on a daily basis means it's only a matter of time before worlds collide.

According to trusted news site inews.co.uk there are "more than 100,000 smartphones damaged by water or other liquids following quick dips in sinks, toilets and pint glasses each day." So don't feel so bad when it happens to you! - chances are someone you know is doing the same thing as you're reading this.

Citing their sources inews reports "Water damage is the second most-common reason behind phones needing to be repaired, topped only by broken screens".

If you want to read the full on article inew's site you can click here.


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First Steps After A Water Damage Incident

Breathe and don't panic. Okay, panic a little but don't start shouting at mum demanding a pound of rice.

After rescuing the phone from the depths of the toilet pond, try to switch it off if it is still powered on, you don't want any current surging through a water-filled electronic device.

The main goal after this would be removing as much water from the device as possible. This means:

  • Tissues, to remove water from the body of the device;
  • Heat, to help evaporate the water from the device (Note: not excess heat)
  • Air, to aid the evaporation.


 This does not mean:

  • Grab your charger, because under no circumstance is it a good idea to send charge from a mains socket to your soaked iPhone;
  • Rice, as it does nothing to eliminate the water from inside the phone;
  • Twitchy finger, trying to see if the phone will power on straight away;
  • Your own tears, from your own sorrow.


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My iPhone Wont Turn On - Its Not Breathing!

So you've carried out the above steps. A couple of hours have passed and there's still no sign of life from your iPhone. Then the best advice I can offer you is to take it to a mobile phone repair shop you trust.

Your iPhone requires surgery or at least an internal inspection. There will probably be liquid still inside your device which can only be removed by professionally disassembling the device and even removing the main board to try and dry any water below it.


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My iPhone Screen has Water Damage - It Powers On - But Looks at its Face!

So you're one of the lucky ones and your iPhone has managed to recover from exposure to water. However, is it me or does that display look blotchy?

This is usually a good sign - believe it or not. The water has mainly seeped into your screen and is caught between the different layers that make up you LCD panel - namely the backlight light. This is causing the light to shine through less on certain parts of the screen giving you that blotchy look.

This also makes the touchscreen sporadic and unreliable. The indication is that you would benefit from a screen change as your mainboard should have less exposure to water.

So, hurray!


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Symptoms of a Liquid Damaged iPhone - He's Acting a Little Strange Doc

Aside from the screen, other symptoms (and cures) for a swimming iPhone are:

  • Battery Losing Charge: The battery itself is a sealed unit, therefore waterproof. It is the battery connector and the corresponding main board connector which suffers from exposure to liquid. This causes the cells in the battery to become irreversibly damaged, affecting the battery's ability to hold onto its charge. A new battery is recommended.
  • iPhone Overheating: The common misconception is the battery overheats in the iPhones. In actual fact it is the mainboard which overheats when it has short circuited from water creating bridges of current between two components which are not designed to interact with each other. This is a serious problem and requires specialist help to perform a main board level water damage repair.
  • Not Charging Anymore: The charging port is usually first in the firing line as it's exposed on any phone. Once water corrodes or shorts out the charging port it will cease to charge or only charge with certain cables.

If your earphones no longer work when plugged into your phone this is due to the headphone jack having shorted out. Another charging port fault is when the other person cannot hear you on a call. A charging port replacement is needed.

  • No Sound: Now, if the other person can hear you on a call but you can't hear them at all, it indicates your earpiece has taken the biscuit. Other times it is the audio when playing music or watching Youtube that has gone awry. This is the loudspeaker unit which would need to be replaced.


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Repairs Costs

Apple themselves categorically do not attempt to repair liquid damaged devices.

They would opt instead to swap the device out altogether for a fee. If you have AppleCare+ this is normally a low flat rate you need to pay. If you aren't covered by AppleCare+ you would be looking at more substantial fee in order to replace your device.

Independent repair shops take on water damage repairs and while the expertise of independent repairers are increasing, you need to make sure you are giving your device to a reputable company.

I have provided links above to give you an idea of how much lighter your money jar would be after a liquid damage repair.


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If you were one of the lucky ones who survived the dive or if you were less fortunate and had to bury it at the back of the garden, we hope this guide has left you more informed.

In any case, prevention is always better than cure. So it pays to have ground rules, whether it be no phones in the bathroom or no watching Youtube near the sink. A good quality case may buy you precious seconds before any liquid can seep into the innards of your device.

Try to think of what your major new rules would be be to prevent water damaging your iPhone in the future and share it.

Always have a backup plan and a trusted repairer you can get to asap if ever you have a second round on the water slide with your device.

Please reach out to us if we can help with any liquid or water damaged devices.