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What Does it All Mean?

The main board in any iPhone is made up of IC's (integrated chips) that are in charge of the different device functions i.e. the display, the sound, the touch functionality, WiFi and Bluetooth and many others.

Whilst the most common repairs are performed by replacing charging ports, loudspeakers, camera and LCDs - there are less common instances when the problem lies with one of the integrated chips becoming faulty or dislodged on the main board. 


Common Symptoms?

Two widespread IC issues come from the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 6 Plus owing to its bigger size, bigger main board and lower grade aluminium housing was easily prone to bending whilst being carried in the pocket. The touch IC is a big square component on the main board which can lift away from the main board at one corner, causing the touch function to stop working on the device.

The iPhone 7 has a more worrying IC issue as there is no bending of the device needed for the IC in question to fail. The sound IC commonly stops working after it has taken some knocks and bruises. The result is no sound when playing video, the loudspeaker icon being greyed out during a call and no sound from the earpiece while on a call.

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Who Should You Trust?

As the iPhone repair market has become more competent over the years and prices have come down for these repairs it is still advisable to get an IC repair done instead of abandoning the device altogether.

Apple as of yet have not delved into IC repairs for their customers - instead deeming your iPhone irreparable and advising you to purchase a new handset.

We offer a range of IC repairs across the different iPhone models. Click here for more information. Here at celltech we also offer our trusted mail in service for this repair.