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So the worst has happened and you are now staring at your broken iPhone screen. What's worse is you don't know what to do next!
Worry not, help is at hand. In this post we will help answer the question: where can i go to get my iPhone screen fixed today in as little as 30 minutes!


Where Can I Go To Get My iPhone Screen Fixed Today In 30 Minutes!

When your cherished iPhone falls from your slippery paws, takes an impact and does not like it - the screen commonly bears the brunt.  The result is your iPhone screen has either developed a hair line crack, is definitely badly broken or is smashed to smithereens and unrecognisable. You take a deep breath and should quickly realise you have six iPhone screen repair options:

  1. Local Apple Store
  2. celltech - Birmingham (in-store & mail-in repairs)
  3. iPhone screen repair near me
  4. Phone insurance
  5. Your mate Brian, who claims to have repaired one once
  6. DIY + YouTube

    In this post we will guide you through each of these six repair options, touching on the advantages and disadvantages of each one, so you're fully informed in making the best decision about your iPhone screen repair.


    Local Apple Store

    Apple promotes their AppleCare+ subscription when you buy a new iPhone, which brings all iPhone screen replacements to a flat rate of £25. This is ideal if you have a well documented history of breaking screens -  and likely the cheapest repair option.
    Depending on which model of iPhone you have is a factor too, the Apple store will not replace the screens of models prior to the iPhone 6, that's about 19% of the UK market

     deviceatlas.com, based on Q1 2019 web traffic statistics from our network of partner sites

    Sometimes the screen damage may just be the primary fault, so don't be surprised if something else has also been affected, this of course will largely depend on the severity of the impact and actual damage to your device.

    If you decide to go with the Apple store we highly recommend booking an appointment as it can get very busy, and parking too can be a real headache in the city centre. Set aside a whole morning or afternoon to avoid disappointment.
    Another option with Apple worth considering is their mail-in repair service. For this a replacement phone will probably be needed (unless you can see yourself going off-line for a few days - ahhh the boundless bliss) as Apple's turnaround stated time is 3-5 business days.


    celltech iPhone Screen Replacement

    A highly rated and trusted iPhone repair company is celltech, based in Kings Heath, Birmingham UK. They offer 30 minute while you wait  iPhone screen replacements as well as providing a fast and secure nationwide mail-in repair service.

    Not only are their iPhone technicians fully trained and certified to carry out all Apple iPhone (and iPad) repairs they pride themselves on their customer service. Taking a quick look at some of their recent reviews certainly confirms this.

    Another reassuring sign is their 12 Month Warranty on all repairs, which is definitely a good way to instil confidence in any prospective customer.

    An iPhone 7 screen replacement  is listed as costing £64.97 on their site as an in-store repair but for a limited time a huge 20% OFF Sale is on, for all online purchases.  Use coupon code GIMMIE20 at the checkout to get seriously cheap and warrantied repairs.


    iPhone Screen Repair Cost

    June 2019

    celltech Aftermarket
    iPhone Screen

    celltech Refurbished
    Genuine Apple
    Screen Repair

    Apple Store iPhone Screen

    iPhone 6 £45 £70 £152.44
    iPhone 7 £65 £95 £152.44
    iPhone 8 £85 £120 £152.44


    celltech Labs predominantly use (90%) the celltech aftermarket screen, a high quality product backed by a 12 month warranty. For the more discerning iPhone user - the celltech refurbished genuine Apple screen will only do (genuine Apple iPhone screen displays that have had their top glass replaced) and the choice is there for the customer to make.
    Price is always an important consideration but only searching for the cheapest iphone screen repair is generally not the best option. 



    iPhone Screen Repairs Near Me

    An abundance of 'phone repair shops' has sprung up over recent years owing to the ubiquity of the mobile device.  Even grocery stores seem to be getting in on the phone repair action! These local repair outfits will generally come in at lower price points than the Apple store or a phone insurance company, but how do you know if they are suitably qualified to handle, let alone repair your most beloved electronic artefact - my iPhone

    Watch out for cheap iPhone screen repairs - should something go catastrophically wrong, there's not much unfortunately you can do about it. Paying a few pounds more for a hassle-free, quality iPhone repair is well worth it. If you're wondering about an iPhone 6 screen repair near me for instance celltech would charge a reasonable £45 with warranty cover.
    If however you care about quality parts, a professional service and a warrantied repair then due diligence should always be carried out on any nearby repair shops - so make sure to ask a friend or a family member and check out the store's reviews beforehand!

    In Birmingham UK, the search term 'iPhone repairs near me' will offer up a total of wait for it, 108 repair companies! admittedly this covered a geographical spread reaching out over 12 miles from the city centre, but still highlights the level of competition in this congested field.
    Most iPhone repair companies and specifically retail stores that offer iPhone screen repair in Birmingham have no formal training or accreditation, so seeking out recommendation and referral is strongly advised.

    If you care about quality parts, a professional service and a warrantied repair then due diligence should be carried out on any nearby repair shops - so make sure to check out the store's reviews beforehand!


    Phone Insurance

    Mobile phone insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your mobile device if it's lost, stolen or damaged.

    Reading the small print is super important as often your 'excess charge' could be more than the cost of the repair itself.

    EE Insurance , Vodafone Insurance, o2 Insurance, Three Insurance

    Any additional charges, device replacement or repair turnaround times vary between insurers. For more information please refer to this handy guide - Which? Mobile Phone Insurance. As well as the networks themselves offering insurance, many third party insurers offer competitive rates, you can find some here - MoneySavingExpert.com


    Your mate Brian

    Even though Brian is familiar with the basic principles of quantum entanglement and claims to have fixed a neighbours iPhone screen recently that may still not be sufficient reason to entrust your precious iPhone to him.
    No, seriously we all have well meaning friends who want to help out but unless they're technically qualified to disassemble and replace iPhone screens we would suggest to pass on this kind and convenient albeit gratis option.


    Go DIY - Replace Your Own iPhone Screen

    The sixth choice we have for you is to attempt to carry out the repair yourself. As with the 'Brian' option, unless you are well versed with highly complicated and delicate electronics we do not recommend trying this yourself - you may well end up causing additional damage!
    Manual dexterity and patience are basic prerequisites for fixing iPhone screens, not to mention specialist tools and a clean flat surface.

    If this is something that really appeals to you then we suggest purchasing scrap, non-working iPhones to experiment on or even enrolling yourself on an accredited repair training course.



    With 20% OFF the cost of your iPhone screen replacement (offer valid at time of publication, June-July 2019) - the smart choice is celltech - simply book online, use discount code GIMMIE20 at the checkout and bring your iPhone in-store for a super fast, professional screen repair.Conveniently celltech also offer a mail-in repair service if you can't make it in-store.

    Ultimately handing over your iPhone to be repaired to someone you don't know is a risk and a choice you need to make, but whichever option you choose, we hope we have helped to offer important points to consider in answering the question, "where can i get my iPhone screen fixed today?"

    If you have any repair queries or blog article suggestions please feel free to reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you. 

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