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Network Unlock

What's network unlocking?

Most phones are sold locked to a particular network, and network unlocking will allow it to be used on any network, anywhere in the world.

Find your IMEI number

Before you can get unlocked, you'll need the device IMEI number. This 15 digit ID is unique to your phone. By typing  *#06#   (star-hash-zero-six-hash) on the call screen keypad your IMEI number will display. Alternatively you can find it in the 'Settings' menu.

Easy Unlocking

1.  Select your phone brand and then model below 

2.  Enter your IMEI number, phone number and current network 

That's it!   

It's all done remotely - so there's no need to pop in-store.

Network unlocking can take between 1 to 3 days to process and complete - we will be in touch to confirm your device has been unlocked and you can then use any sim card of your choice.

Happy Unlocking :)