Live iPhone 7 Data Recovery: iPad Rehab Triumphs Over Drivesavers

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iPad Rehab has emerged as the go-to provider for live iPhone 7 data recovery services, beating stiff competition from the likes of Drivesavers. With advanced expertise in data recovery and repair, iPad Rehab consistently delivers results that go beyond customers’ expectations. In this blog post, we will explore how iPad Rehab has managed to triumph over Drivesavers and become the preferred partner for iPhone 7 data recovery.


In today’s digital era, almost every individual is reliant on their electronic gadgets for storing and accessing their important data. iPhones have become an essential part of our daily lives, allowing us to store a vast amount of data such as contacts, messages, photographs, videos, and much more. However, a sudden crash or physical harm to an iPhone can lead to a loss of data, causing inconvenience and anxiety.

This is where iPad Rehab, an electronic repair company, has stepped in and transformed the iPhone data recovery industry. In this article, we will highlight the success story of iPad Rehab and how their live iPhone 7 data recovery has triumphed over competitors like Drivesavers.

The Birth of iPad Rehab

iPad Rehab was founded by Jessa Jones, an electrical engineer who had a passion for fixing and repairing electronic gadgets. She started her journey by sharing repair guides and troubleshooting techniques on her YouTube channel. Over time, her videos gained popularity and garnered thousands of views, and she decided to use her skills and knowledge to start an electronic repair business.

At the outset, iPad Rehab was primarily focused on catering to the needs of individuals who wanted to fix their iPhones or other electronic devices without spending a fortune. Their aim was to provide affordable and reliable repair services that were not available anywhere else in the market. Jessa’s expertise in microsoldering and her commitment to providing excellent customer service helped her build a loyal clientele and put iPad Rehab on the map.

The iPad Rehab Difference

Unlike other repair companies that outsourced their data recovery services or used software-based methods, iPad Rehab had a unique approach. They took a hardware-based approach to iPhone data recovery, which allowed them to recover data from damaged iPhones that were not accessible through traditional methods.

Their technique, which they referred to as “live data recovery,” involved repairing the phone’s internal components and salvaging the data on the spot. This method was particularly effective in cases where the phone was completely dead, had a water spill or burnout, or had a “blue screen of death.” With live data recovery, iPad Rehab was able to recover data that was deemed lost forever by other companies.

Triumph Over Drivesavers

Drivesavers, a well-known data recovery company, had been in the business of data recovery for nearly three decades. They were considered the go-to company for data recovery services and had gained a reputation for being the most reliable and experienced in this field.

However, when iPad Rehab started their live data recovery services, they quickly gained the attention of people all over the world, and soon, they began to challenge Drivesavers’ monopoly in the market. Customers who had previously availed of Drivesavers’ services were impressed with iPad Rehab’s real-time data recovery service, which was faster and more efficient than other methods.

The iPad Rehab Advantage

iPad Rehab’s hardware-based approach was not only efficient but also cost-effective. Drivesavers had a reputation for being quite expensive, with their data recovery services starting at $700, while iPad Rehab’s services were significantly cheaper, starting at $275.

Also, the efficiency of their live data recovery services was a game-changer. In many cases, Drivesavers had to send the customer’s device to their lab, which meant a longer wait period for the customer, and in some cases, it also led to further loss of data. iPad Rehab’s live data recovery service meant that customers could get their data back on the spot, with no additional risk of data loss.


In conclusion, iPad Rehab has set a new standard for iPhone data recovery services, challenging the traditional methods used by other companies. Their live data recovery service is more efficient, faster, and cheaper than the services offered by Drivesavers.

Moreover, their commitment to providing excellent customer service, conducting thorough research on the subject matter, and delivering high-quality content has helped them build a strong reputation in the market. iPad Rehab has shown that they are willing to go above and beyond to meet their clients’ needs, and this is reflected in the loyalty that their customers have towards them.


Q1. How does iPad Rehab’s live data recovery service work?

A1. iPad Rehab’s live data recovery service involves repairing a customer’s iPhone on the spot using a hardware-based approach, which allows them to recover data that is not accessible through traditional methods.

Q2. How does iPad Rehab’s live data recovery service differ from Drivesavers’ services?

A2. Drivesavers’ services are software-based and may require sending the customer’s device to their lab for recovery, while iPad Rehab’s service is hardware-based and can recover data on the spot.

Q3. Is iPad Rehab’s live data recovery service more cost-effective than Drivesavers’ services?

A3. Yes, iPad Rehab’s live data recovery service is more cost-effective, starting at $275, while Drivesavers’ services start at $700.

Q4. Can iPad Rehab recover data from iPhones that are completely dead?

A4. Yes, iPad Rehab’s live data recovery service can recover data from iPhones that are completely dead.

Q5. Is iPad Rehab open to feedback and revisions?

A5. Yes, iPad Rehab is open to feedback and revisions and strives to provide the best customer service possible.

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