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Reviews from our Previous Customers

My Go To Mail-in Phone Repair
A friendly and trustworthy company who have looked after my iPhones for many years – battery changes, cases and getting the upgrades perfect. I recommend them for any questions or repairs you have.
** Mike K. **
Mailed in my phone for a repair...
Great customer service by email. Phone repair is excellent, works much better now. Speedy turnaround and plentiful packaging. A+. Thanks Celltech!
** Dewi P. **

Not sure? Choose Our Diagnostic Service

  • Using device board schematics our diagnostic service can provide detailed information on any fault(s) with your device.
  • This service involves both hardware and software inspections.
  • We use lab grade microscopes to examine the internal components of your iPad. Having these tools at our disposal allows us to identify circuit board track related issues quickly and reliably.
  • Please note software faults can result in data loss. 
  • We strongly recommend backing up your device if this is at all possible.
  • Due to the investigative nature of this repair, it can take a little extra time for a successful diagnosis, usually 3 – 7 working days. We will keep you informed about our progress and findings.

Please note:  should you decide to continue with our recommended repair after our inspections, this diagnostic fee will be fully deducted from the total cost of the repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each repair comes with a full 24 Month Warranty as standard for extra peace of mind. Liquid Damage and board level repairs are exempt from our normal warranty policy. Please see further info in our Terms and Conditions.

Low cost repairs often use low-quality replacement parts, which can lead to sub-standard, shoddy repair work and potential damage to your device. We believe our pricing is very reasonable and competitive.

We use genuine and certified parts, ensuring the components are the highest quality. Our tools and specialist equipment like microscopes and soldering rework stations are industry leading as well . 

Top-notch tools together with our highly qualified technicians, gives you a reliable, long term repair. We also now provide 24 months warranty on most of our repair work (this excludes liquid damage and board level repairs)

We always advise that you back up and erase your personal data before shipping the device to us. However, we understand this is not very convenient. Your device data will remain exactly how we find it and none of this will be erased or changed in any way. Should we need to complete a software upgrade we will only go ahead and do so, once we have your permission.

We only offer mail-in repairs at the moment – so you would need to post your device to us for a fast postal repair service. We cover all of the UK offering our local expertise nationwide.

We try to get most repairs back to you in 2-3 working days. We hold a huge inventory of spare screens and other components for all devices. If however we need to make a special order for any part this can add another day or two to the overall time-frame.

We ONLY advise you use the Royal Mail – Special Delivery Service to send your repair to our secure P.O Box address. It’s the safest method.

We have been repairing devices for over a decade and our loyal customers have trusted us with thousands of precious devices in that time. We promise to take care and try our best to repair your phone, tablet, smartwatch or any other device you send in to us for repair work.