iPad Pro 9.7" Water/ Liquid Damage Repair

Certified iPad Pro 9.7 Water/ Liquid Damage Repair


  • 3 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY  - Included with this repair
  • HIGHEST QUALITY  - Only the best chemicals and cleaning procedures are used by celltech Labs.
  • ONLINE DISCOUNT OFFERS   - Check for the latest repair discounts + offers here
  • Has your iPad been damaged by water, tea, coffee, fizzy drink or any other type of liquid?
  • Our proprietary micro-ultrasonic liquid removal procedure can revive your iPad, restoring it to working order.
  • All is not lost. We are experts at liquid damage repair and data recovery.
  • This repair can retrieve lost data like photos, videos, documents and other precious memories.
  • We recommend you don't charge your iPad after exposure to liquid damage as current from the charger will increase the risk of corrosion; damaging connectors, IC's (integrated chips) and the logic board.
  • The rice trick does not always work as this method cannot remove all traces of liquid or moisture internally from your damaged device. 
  • Liquid or water damage in iPads can create long term issues and it's best practice to have your device cleaned professionally as soon as possible after exposure.
  • Water and liquids can damage internal components and in some cases just a cleanup is not always successful - new parts may be required too, we will advise and seek permission before any components are replaced or if additional work needs to be carried out to restore your device back to working order.
  • celltech has an excellent rate of reviving and restoring water and liquid damaged mobile phones, iPads, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Due to the nature of a water/ liquid damaged device repairs, this service can take 24 - 48 hours to complete.
  • On occasion the cost of repair may exceed the value of the device, this is termed B.E.R (beyond economical repair) we will advise you accordingly
  • Despite our best efforts, we are sometimes unable to repair a liquid damaged device. To recover time spent in disassembling, cleaning and attempting to revive and repair the device, we reserve the right to charge a handling fee of £10.00. We thank you for your understanding. 
  • FAST IN-STORE REPAIR  - Get your water/ liquid damaged iPad repaired at celltech. Order + Reserve your repair now
  • TRAINED + CERTIFIED  Repairs performed by diligent, highly qualified technicians who just love repairing
  • ONLY NEW GRADE A+ PARTS  - Used across our repair range
  • HAPPY CUSTOMERS  - Check out some of our recent reviews here
  • GUARANTEED SECURITY  - We use encrypted 256-bit SSL security to ensure that your payment information is 100% Protected on this site

Can't get to us? Don't worry, Select our Fast Mail-In Repair ServicePost your device well packaged and relax - leave the rest to us. We will fix your device as soon as we receive it, test and re-test it to make sure it's working as it should and post it back to you tracked and insured, so it gets back home safely. As an extra precaution please back up your device before sending in.

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    Please Note

    This repair will not fix any unrelated, untested or any unreported faults. If you think there may be additional faults, we recommend booking your device in for our advanced diagnostic service here.

    In some instances a repair may result in total data loss, including: contacts, photos, videos, music, app data and documents 
    We highly recommended you back up your device to a computer or the iCloud before presenting it in-store or sending it to us via our postal repair service.

    • Please find our FAQ's here.