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Device Debug + Sterilise Clean

Get your phone cleaned + sanitised professionally.

  • Your phone can be dirtier than a toilet seat!
  • The typical phone is carrying over 25,000 bacteria per square inch!
  • The average person checks their phone approximately once every 11 minutes, that's more than 80 times per day.
  • Bacteria and germs are abundant, and they’re going to end up on your mobile phone.
  • Our debug and sterilise clean will leave your phone squeaky clean inside and out!.
  • We use a strong UV light source and a special solution to sanitise your phone, using a lint-free microfibre cloth to wipe away the dirt and germs and to disinfect it. 
  • We access the small openings on the phone, such as the headphone jack, and mic area using a dry cotton swab and carefully remove any dirt and grime.

Some helpful advice on keeping our phones cleaner

  • Don't share your phone with others.
  • Don’t take your phone to the toilet.
  • Don’t use your phone at the gym.
  • Don’t use your phone while eating.
  • Wash your hands properly.
Clean your phone on a regular basis