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    Sony XPeria 1 Liquid Damage Repair

    Certified celltech Sony Xperia 1 Liquid Damage Repair

    • Has your Xperia been damaged by water or any other type of liquid?
    • Our proprietary, micro-ultrasonic repair procedure can revive your phone, restoring it to full working order.
    • Liquid can permanently damage internal components - we will always advise and seek permission before any additional work is carried out.
    • We have an excellent rate of reviving and restoring liquid damaged phones.
    • Despite our best efforts, we are sometimes unable to repair a liquid damaged device. To recover the time we have spent in disassembling and working on your device we reserve the right to still charge a reduced fee of £20.00 for this repair. We thank you for your understanding.

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    Please Note

    This repair will not fix any unrelated, untested or any unreported faults. 

    If you feel there may be more than one primary fault, we recommend booking your device in for our advanced diagnostic service.

    In some instances the repair may result in data loss, this can include: files / contacts / photos / videos or music.
    It is highly recommended to BACK-UP your device to a computer or the iCloud before presenting it in-store or sending it to us via our postal repair service.